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North Carolina Interfaith Power & Light works with faith communities to address the causes and consequences of global climate change and promotes practical, hope-filled responses through education, outreach, and public policy advocacy.

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Reflections from the People’s Climate March

NCIPL at the People's Climate MarchSusannah Tuttle, Director, and friend at the March

Many IPL folks, from NC and all over the country, took to the streets of New York City this past weekend for the People’s Climate March. It was an exhilarating time and we left feeling more inspired and connected. Estimates are that over 400,000 people were at the march, making it what we had all hoped for: the largest action on climate, ever. Many well known individuals attended, including Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ban Ki Moon of the UN, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, and African musician Angelique Kidjo. But, as the New York Times described, “it was mostly an event for concerned ordinary people.” Thousands and thousands of ordinary people!

More specifically, lots of North Carolinians made it up to New York for the historic event, in 10 full buses and who knows how many other cars, trains and planes. We’d like to honor and thank the many people and groups integral to this effort, who have been working for many months to rally and organize folks.

As for NCIPL, we had a good showing, too! Our Director Susannah, Steering Committee Members Carl, Penny, Bob, and their spouses, and our new intern Reuben were all in attendance. We were joined by IPL groups from Washington, Nebraska, D.C., Kansas, Georgia, New York, and more. It felt great to be around our teammates from all over the country.

The People’s Climate March was an incredible event that we hope will serve to further inspire those of us already involved and be an example to others that this movement is here, passionate, and diverse. And finally, thanks to YOU, NCIPL’s amazing supporters, for motivating us to be a part of this march and supporting all the work we do here in NC; we couldn’t do it without you!


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