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North Carolina Interfaith Power & Light works with faith communities to address the causes and consequences of global climate change and promotes practical, hope-filled responses through education, outreach, and public policy advocacy.

Featured Article

Connect and Share with Others in Planning for the People’s Climate March in September!

10514676_1474700412772452_752148559284794224_nThe People’s Climate March is shaping up to be the largest movements of movements yet, bringing together people with the urgency and power needed to address the climate crisis. Read more here. It is happening in New York and simultaneously in locales around the world. Major organizations such as are arranging a Climate Tour of four East Coast Cities. The National Religious Partnership is calling for local prayer vigils. Other coordinating gatherings and events are listed here.

Are you going to NY for the People’s Climate March? Let us know! With this link, you will also have the option to join a listserv and hook up with others who are going from NC.

Here are some available resources.
Check out March logistics.
Check out coordinating NYC church worship services that weekend.

What is your congregation doing around the People’s Climate March?

Possible ideas:
Promote it. Put it in your announcements and newsletter and on your website.     Distribute flyers. Click here for available materials.
Organize a bus and get a free Bus Captain Toolkit (click here for sneak preview).
Offer or request a rideshare.
Ask members to consider going.
Sponsor members to go.
Support the effort by donating to NCIPL.
Hold local observances – prayers, services, and/or a sound off. What’s a soundoff?

From the Green Faith website:
On Sept. 21 at 1:00 pm “sound off” outdoors in support of climate action for 5 minutes & 50 seconds.

Why 5 minutes 50 seconds?  That’s 350 seconds – the highest number of parts per  million of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere that’s needed for a stable climate.  We’re currently close to 400 ppm.  How to sound off?  Ring your bells (churches), sound a shofar publicly (synagogues), offer a public call to prayer (mosques), ring the meditation gong, bell or han (sanghas), chant a mantra (Hindu temples), or conduct an outdoor walking prayer/meditation – or another outdoor observance that you design.”

Let us know what your congregation is doing!

Keep checking back here to find out what other congregations are doing!






Sign the Climate Care Affirmation by NC Faith & Spiritual Leaders Click here